Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindtrot ?

Mindtrot Technologies, a dynamic HealthTech startup, specializes in crafting cutting-edge technology solutions for the healthcare sector. Our flagship, CarePilot, is a comprehensive platform tailored for the seamless operation and expansion of your business, featuring:

  • Leads Management: Efficient handling and integration of leads across sales channels.
  • CRM Panel: Streamlined customer relationship management.
  • Patient Management: Organized patient data system.
  • EHR: Secure electronic health records.
  • Task & Order Management: Coordinated order processing and nursing tasks.
  • Nurse Tracking: Real-time tracking of nurses, including attendance and payments.
  • Property Management Module for managing your Assisted Living & Hospice
  • Service & Package Management: Customizable services such as nursing, ambulances, medicine delivery, and teleconsultation.
  • Medical Equipment Management: Detailed cataloging and inventory control, including rental and sales.
  • Customer Billing: Simplified and accurate billing system.
  • And much MORE
Complementing the platform, CarePilot includes user-friendly mobile apps for patients/customers and nurses/caregivers, ensuring a smooth and efficient service delivery experience.

How will my company grow by using Mindtort’s CarePilot Platform ?

Discover how CarePilot revolutionizes the way your home healthcare business operates and scales:

  • Mindtrot's CarePilot boosts operational efficiency by up to 64% for home healthcare businesses, freeing owners to focus on growth instead of daily tasks.
  • CarePilot enables effortless expansion, allowing business owners to remotely manage multiple branches and operations across cities from an intuitive dashboard.
  • The platform supports diversification of services like home nursing, ICU at home, equipment sale & rental, medicine delivery, ambulance services and more, opening new revenue channels within the evolving healthcare sector.
  • CarePilot enhances customer trust and engagement through automated communications and a customizable, brand-aligned mobile app, fostering loyalty and repeat business.
  • CarePilot's Lead Management system quickly populates leads from channels like Justdial, Sulekha, etc., and consolidates them under a single umbrella, ensuring faster and more efficient conversions.
  • And much MORE

Will I need another Billing or Bookkeeping Software for my Financials.?

CarePilot has got you covered.

CarePilot streamlines your billing workflow, automating bill generation and dispatching payment reminders through messages and WhatsApp. It ensures PDF copies of bills are automatically sent to your customers and supports seamless invoice reconciliation within the platform.

Additionally, your customers or patients have the convenience of making payments and viewing bills and reminders through your branded mobile app, enhancing their engagement and your operational efficiency.

Will I need additional Lead Management or CRM software?

The answer is no, thanks to CarePilot. Our comprehensive platform includes an integrated Lead Management system and a full-featured CRM, complete with customer feedback handling and a ticketing system for efficient issue resolution.

CarePilot's Lead Management feature offers seamless integrations with key platforms like Justdial, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, IndiaMart, and your own website, centralizing all your leads in one convenient location. This unified approach simplifies lead tracking and ensures no opportunity is missed.

Is my Data Secure?

Our infrastructure utilizes cutting-edge Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, renowned for their robust security measures and HIPAA compliance, ensuring the secure management and storage of patient information. These servers are fortified with AES 256-bit encryption, offering military-grade security to safeguard your data.

Moreover, the CarePilot Platform provides customizable access controls, allowing you to define user permissions and thereby protect your critical business data by minimizing unnecessary exposure and reducing risk.

How can I use Mindtrot's CarePilot platform?

Reach out to us through a call, send a WhatsApp message to 85271-45419, or email us at Our Business Solutions team will promptly get in touch to grasp your specific needs and provide a tailored demonstration of the CarePilot Platform. We'll also guide you through the onboarding and training process to ensure a smooth transition.